From the get-go, iCAR Partners and brothers George and Paul Hanson knew that what they wanted to do was to make renting a car easier in the Bay of Banderas.   Having rented cars themselves, it had become painfully obvious that there was room for improvements in almost all areas of the car-rental experience.

The Hanson brothers already had a car wash in a great ‘on the highway’ location right in the centre of Bucerias, located just 20 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, so they decided to begin the car rental operations right out of the same location.   

This decision turned out to be a very good one, as it allowed the owners to take things a step at a time as they evaluated the experience of becoming a new-style car rental agency in a bustling marketplace.   So back in 2013, they bought two cars and put up their signs and began to get the word out directly through their existing car wash clientele.

It didn’t take long to have those first couple of cars booked up so the brothers organized their funding and began to increase their rental inventory.

The Customer Is First!

ICAR knew that at the heart of the business the most important thing to accomplish was customer satisfaction that would translate into repeat business from holiday to holiday and friendly referrals through the rapidly increasing internet social media.

“They did what they said they would!” said one of the earlier clients, “No tricks, no changes…and most important to us…NO EXTRA CHARGES!”

“Sure we had the odd problem, but the guys responded quickly and dealt with it. We will be back.” added another long term client.

In an interview with this writer, George Hanson said that it was this lesson that helped get the company through the often tough first couple of years and into a stable position in the local market.

“We did some things that maybe most companies wouldn’t have done,” said Hanson, “like driving up to Lo de Marcos late in the evening to check a low tire pressure for a customer that was worried about having a flat tire far from help.”

Today after  years in the market we have grown as a company and our experience and good reputation precedes us, rest assure that ….