Welcome to the Riviera Nayarit! You’ve landed…set up in your hotel…visited some of our great restaurants and have sand between your toes from our beautiful beach walks. Congratulations!   You are now a relaxed tourist…and you’re thinking of what to do over the next days.   Well, we have a couple suggestions for you!   Take some time to get off the beaten track and go for a drive down to San Juan de Abajo and see some of the back countries behind and east of Bucerias.

From the corner of Estaciones and Hwy. 200 (or Boulevard Riviera Nayarit as it is presently named), take Estaciones (the old Valle Road) down to Valle de Banderas and then go through the town and take Calle Lazaro Cardenas across to the south all the way to San Juan de Abajo.

Path Bucerias - San Juan de Abajo

This little trip will take you about 35 – 40 minutes…and you will see some of the most beautiful and productive farmlands in Mexico.   As you drive down the roads, keep an eye out for the Restaurante signs…and if you see many cars parked outside you know you have found one of the areas many great roadside restaurantes.   Just like in your home country…many cars means the food is great and service is equally great.   Take some time to enjoy an authentic Mexican lunch.   You will find these roadside restaurantes usually open from about 1pm to about 5pm.

Plaza San Juan de Abajo NayaritiIn the actual town of San Juan, it is totally safe to park downtown near the plaza and take some time walking around the town.   You will find the storekeepers friendly and helpful and you will undoubtedly find a couple bargain deals that you won’t be able to resist.   Not to mention memories that will add to your vacation enjoyment.

If you felt even more adventurous, take the highway a little more east to the town of El Colomo and go visit the hot springs up in the hills.   For a very modest fee, you can relax in one of over forty hot springs and enjoy some tacos and local beverages during your stay!

Well…we hope you enjoyed our suggestions for something different to do on your vacation. Take lots of pictures and memories back home.